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We can't talk about REALPAD without mentioning EASYCORE, as both are connected by the team of people and by the vision of creating great apps.

REALPAD has started as a simple idea of Marian Skvarek, who was a student of artificial intelligence, but impatient to create things in a new, better way. He came up with a prototype of an Android application, which was the basis for REALPAD as we know it nowadays. Matej Vitasek, his schoolmate, took over the product as a CTO and is in charge of it by now. Over time more people has joined the company and yet is over 20 of us. This has also led us to move from a coworking space to the new office - Kovarovic Villa on Prague's riverside became our second home.

At hot summer days, we usually organize BBQ parties to chill in the garden with a nice view of the Vltava river. Family spirit is kept up by organizing regular team breakfasts or other activities (as most of us love good food it's usually something with cooking and eating). Developers are getting the opportunity to show their skills at Hackathons - last year we won Real Estate Hackathon in London and in February 2017 we went to Hackathon in Geneva. Once in a while, we organize our own Hackathons too. Also tell me which company would take their team to work offside from the beach house in Bari, Italy...

All of us are honest people, fully dedicated to work and passionate to learn new things. We believe that sharing is caring and instead of struggling with things it’s better to ask for help if needed. Good communication and direct feedback is the key to a good atmosphere. Do you feel like yes this sounds good to me? Then contact us, we are always happy to meet new interesting people.

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